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New Breed Law Firm Awards

The Phatshoane Henney Group has well-established Group Standards to which all member firms must aspire and which underpin the vital Group Values member firms must adopt to be recognised as a New Breed of Law Firm™.

Only members of the Phatshoane Henney Group can be a New Breed of Law Firm™ as it personifies the drive of the Group to position each member firm not only as a leading law firm in its region, but also as a compliant, well-managed and diversified South African law firm - a New Breed of Law Firm for South Africa.

To claim the status of being a New Breed of Law Firm™, member firms must progressively implement best practices at their firm, ranging from client service, marketing, strategic planning, staff satisfaction, firm practices, training and development, regulatory compliance, risk management, transformation and more. These best practices have been meticulously designed by the Group to provide a robust foundation for the practices needed by a leading law firm.

To establish compliance, the Phatshoane Henney Group annually conducts a comprehensive survey of each member firm, measuring compliance with over 60 best practices using an evidence-based audit to determine the individual Group Standards Scorecard for each firm.

To reward firms that excel in their annual audit, the Group has introduced its annual New Breed Law Firm Awards. These awards reward firms for exceptional results with recognition and the opportunity to showcase their exceptional performance to staff and clients in the coming year. Each award is valid for a year from date of award and confirms to the public the quality of firm they are working with.

The New Breed Law Firm award is centred around the 5 Group Values of Caring, Standards, Innovation, Expertise and Diversity, with each colour in the award logo reflecting a related value, and by award to a firm, confirming that the firm has fully adopted these values and is worthy of being recognised as a New Breed of Law Firm™.

The following two New Breed Award categories are recognised:

New Breed Law Firm Platinum Award 2021
– for firms that obtained above 90% compliance with the Group Standards.

We are proud to announce that the following Group firms obtained a Platinum award in 2021 (in alphabetical order):

  • DBM Attorneys
  • DDKK Attorneys
  • De Beer & Claassen
  • De Jager & Lordan
  • Drake Flemmer & Orsmond
  • Du Plessis & Van der Westhuizen
  • Johan Coetzee
  • Langenhoven Pistorius & Modihapula Attorneys
  • Lowndes Dlamini Attorneys
  • Millers
  • Mosdell, Pama & Cox
  • NEA Attorneys
  • Neumann van Rooyen
  • Schulz Attorneys
  • Seymore du Toit & Basson
  • Theart Mey Attorneys
  • Tonkin Clacey
  • VDT Attorneys
  • Wright Rose-Innes
New Breed Law Firm Gold Award 2021for firms that obtained above 80% compliance with the Group Standards.

We are proud to announce that the following Group firms obtained a Gold award in 2021 (in alphabetical order):

  • Blake Bester De Wet & Jordaan Attorneys
  • Jan L. Jordaan Attorneys
  • Kloppers (Durban)
  • Kloppers (Richards Bay)
  • Lange Carr & Wessels
  • Miller Bosman Le Roux Attorneys
  • Muller Terblanche & Beyers Attorneys
  • Oosthuizen, Marais & Pretorius
  • PSN Attorneys
  • Van der Spuy & Partners
  • Weich & Kriel
  • Wiesinger O’Dwyer