About Us

Phatshoane Henney Training Academy
The Phatshoane Henney Training Academy was established in 2014 in partnership with specialist training provider LFP Group Holdings Pty (Ltd) as part of the Phatshoane Henney Group's commitment to socio-economic and skills development. The Phatshoane Henney Training Academy sources funding from member firms and their clients using such funding exclusively to fund formal SAQA accredited learnership programmes for black disabled learners suffering from physical disabilities, to help address dire skills shortages amongst disabled persons. With the help of LFP Group Holdings, many of the disabled learners completing their learnerships are further assisted with employment sourcing allowing many of them to gain employment with their achieved formal qualifications.

The Phatshoane Henney Training Academy is a success story in the Group’s broader investment in transformation, with over R25 million to date having been spent on funding learnerships for disabled learners since the commencement of the academy, with over 360 learners having been enrolled for learnerships and 165 learners already having graduated with a formal learnership qualification.