About Us

The relevance of the group in a South African context is evidenced by the collective commitment of the group towards transformation and diversity – a commitment embedded as a key value of the Group and in turn also each member firm. Only through a concerted effort and a holistic approach towards transformation in the broadest sense of the word, can member firms become new breed law firms – the ultimate standard to which each member firm aspires to.

To provide structure to this communal transformation imperative, the group at the end of 2014 adopted a set of BEE standards applicable to all member firms and which are centrally monitored on an annual basis with compliance set as a condition to continued membership.

To assist with firm compliance, member firms are provided with access to transformation best practices, strategic planning support, centralized initiatives and vital mentorship and guidance to empower and provide impetus to their individual transformation plans.

The group aims to set the standard for transformation in the legal industry, guiding member firms to be value-adding corporate citizens with a broader perspective. For more information on the group transformation efforts, please view the Group Transformation Reports below.

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