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New Breed Graduates Competition

Enter and stand a chance to win!
Obtain your Entry Code to enter our New Breed Graduates Competition by visiting our graduate recruitment stall at a university open day near you.
Terms and conditions apply to the competition.



Our group values is the DNA that defines each of our new breed lawyers

We care about our clients, our professionals, our staff and our community.
We are innovative in how we deliver our services, develop our professionals and run our practices.
We set high standards for our professionals and empower our professionals to meet them.
We deliver services with expertise and train our professionals to be experts.
We embrace diversity and inclusivity as vibrant elements of a new breed of law professional.

The Phatshoane Henney Group


The Phatshoane Henney Group is South Africa’s largest legal network, currently comprising nearly 50 top small and medium-sized law firms in South Africa, with nearly 70 offices in 9 Provinces and over 500 professionals in the group. Member firms are independent law firms and are all leading law firms in their territories and with proven track records of quality and service.

Through membership, firms gain access to support, expertise, shared resources and economies of scale, but without sacrificing their individual identity or independence. Group members further pool their resources and expertise to foster a national service directory and network of firms and professionals that can assist clients across South Africa, in addition to providing opportunities for candidate attorneys and professionals to work at firms in most major centres. Strong relationships and referral networks are naturally fomented between member firms, providing additional benefit to member firms.

The Group without doubt sets a clear standard for the operation of mid-sized law firms, establishing effective management practices for member firms, guiding transformation, supporting regulatory compliance, and encouraging member firms to at all times be value-adding corporate citizens of South Africa in order to be recognised as a new breed of law firm.


Become a New Breed Lawyer

  • Evolve yourself
  • Why apply?
  • Be bold
  • Explore
We are looking for law graduates that wish to evolve themselves and become new breed lawyers and join one of our new breed law firms.

But to become a new breed lawyer you will have to share our values and ensure that your DNA is that of a new breed lawyer. So you have to ask yourself:

  • Am I forward-thinking?
  • Do I want to make a difference?
  • Do I want to be part of something larger?
If your answer is YES, you have come to the right place! To become a new breed lawyer will require commitment, work ethic, a willingness to develop yourself, creativity, energy and a can-do attitude.

So if you believe you have what it takes, take the plunge and Apply.
By applying to a Phatshoane Henney Group law firm, you are applying to the best mid-sized firms in South Africa. Our firms are leaders in their regions and have established reputations, with many firms consistently recognised as the law firm of choice by their clients.

By applying you put yourself in the picture and seize the opportunity to set yourself apart from hundreds of other law graduates. Only at a Phatshoane Henney Group law firm can you evolve to become a new breed law lawyer and gain access to:

  • Leading law firms across South Africa
  • Mentorship and career development
  • Online training and skills development
  • Candidate attorney support centres
  • State of the art research support and online resources
  • Group bursary programmes
  • Over 100 service areas across more than 35 industry sectors
  • Centralised law firm practices and standards
  • Strategic partnerships
  • The largest legal network custom built for South Africa
So if you believe you have what it takes, take the plunge and Apply.
Be bold and consider applying to a Phatshoane Henney Group law firm. Our group firms provide the ideal opportunity to establish a career in law, particularly if you take account of many of the benefits that our young professionals gain by applying to one of group firms:

  • Experience a welcoming family environment at our firms
  • Be more than a number and have real opportunities to learn
  • Experience diversity by working at a truly South African law firm
  • Benefit from personal attention and hands-on guidance by firm professionals
  • Evolve your skills through diverse firm clients and extensive service areas
  • Build relationships with other new breed lawyers across our national network
  • Join firms that care for and value their clients, staff and communities
  • Be part of firms that proudly invest in training their staff
  • Be part of something different!
So if you believe you have what it takes, take the plunge and Apply.
Many of our member firms host vacation programmes throughout the year. These programmes vary from firm to firm and provide a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the practice of law as well as our firms. With many of our firms recruiting extensively from graduates that attend their vacation programmes, it provides not only the opportunity to explore, but also a vital foot in the door as to some of South Africa’s premier law firms.


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Our Programmes


Join us at a career day

Like to meet us and find out more about our member firms? Join us at one of the career days held at South African universities.

  See all dates

Take part in a vacation programme

Member firms host vacation programmes throughout the year which law students can attend. Come explore the practice of law and get to know our member firms.

  See all vacation programmes

Phatshoane Henney honour medal programme

The Phatshoane Henney Honour Medal Programme was established in 2011 to honour and reward graduating students that excelled in their studies and achieved their LL.B degree cum laude (with honour).

  Read more

Candidate attorney bursary programme

We have an established bursary programme for candidate attorneys serving articles within the group. The programme focuses on supporting previously disadvantaged individuals to undertake articles at a member firm.

  Find out more


The Phatshoane Henney Group is an association of independent law firms spread across South Africa. As leading law firms in their territories and with proven track records of quality and service, members share similar values and standards. Members enjoy the benefits of a supportive group brand, centralised support services, strategic partnerships, economies of scale and access to the extensive group service directory and network to enhance their practices. Each firm remains an independent firm but group standards and best practices ensure that firms run their practices consistently and to the highest standards.
No, the group consists of independent law firms that practice together in association. Each law firm remains a separate firm with its own unique culture and client base.
No. Although graduate recruitment is conducted by the group on behalf of member firms across South Africa, appointments still remains the mandate of each member firm alone. However, by applying through our online application portal you can easily apply to any of our member firms and ensure that your application is forwarded to the relevant firms you are interested in applying at.
Yes you can, although it is recommended that you apply to firms in regions you will be prepared to interview at as well as article at in the event of being selected for an interview and offered an appointment. By registering on our online application portal you can ensure that your application profile is always up to date and you can easily apply to any of our member firms.
Remuneration packages differ from firm to firm and region to region, although group firms do offer competitive remuneration packages for their respective regions.
No, not all member firms offer vacation programmes. Please view our Programmes page for more information on which firms offer vacation programmes.
Although candidates can move to another firm, this is not an automatic process. Candidate attorneys are contracted to a principal at the firm where they are articling. Any move to another firm would entail ceding their current contract of articles to the other law firm in what is essentially a new appointment.
Unfortunately we don’t have an open bursary programme. We do have a very strong bursary programme that supports candidate attorneys articling at group firms. Applications for such bursaries are however made by member firms on behalf of candidates articling at their firms.
Getting started is easy! All you need to do is read our Apply page, register on our application portal and follow the step-by-step instructions on our portal to easily apply for articles or vacation programmes at a group firm of your choice. It’s that easy!

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