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Register on our online application portal

By registering you will access more information on how to prepare a winning application and what information you will need to apply.

Create your personal profile

Once registered, login any time and create your personal online application profile. Use your application profile to apply for articles or vacation programmes at our member firms.

Apply to a member firm

Apply to any of our member firms with your application profile and submit only the documents needed to apply to that firm. Once you have submitted an online application, your application will be forwarded to the relevant firm.

Manage and update your online profile

Update your online profile at any time to ensure that your latest information, contact details and supporting documents are always available so we can contact you.


Sealing the deal

Member firms receive applications for vac work and articles only via our online application portal to ensure that all required information is submitted and your application can be evaluated fairly.

It must be noted that firm shortlisting and interview processes take place at different times during the year, so don’t be discouraged if you do not immediately hear from a firm. Just make sure you apply online so we have your application on record.

If selected for vac work or an interview for articles, you will be contacted directly by the member firm to arrange further details for attendance.

Offers of employment as well as the conditions of service, remuneration and benefits may differ from firm to firm and will be agreed upon between yourself and the specific member firm.