Candidate Attorneys

Graduates interested in undertaking their articles at a group firm can apply centrally to 50 premier law firms across South Africa. Our graduate recruitment portal provides easy access to graduates to apply online for articles at any our group firm and provides a wealth of information on how to apply, maintain a personal application profile and frequently asked questions about articles.

All you need to do is research the firms you wish to apply for here on our group website, click on the Apply Now link and follow the steps to apply for articles as clearly set out on our graduate recruitment portal.

Vacation programmes

Member firms host vacation programmes at different times throughout the year which law students can attend. These programmes provide a wonderful opportunity for law students to learn about the practice of law, different practice areas and about group firms and how they work and the career opportunities they offer. Most member firms also recruit extensively from law students that attend vacation programmes at their firms, making it a strong benefit to obtaining articles at a group firm if you have attended a vacation programme at the firm.

You can apply for vacation programmes via our graduate recruitment portal which provides an overview of all vacation programmes for the year and information on how to apply. All you need to do is research the vacation programmes on our offer on our graduate recruitment portal by clinking on the Apply Now link and follow the steps to apply for vacation programme.