About Us

Members of the Phatshoane Henney Group are small and medium-sized law firms of good repute and standing. Members subscribe to our group values and are subject to compliance with the group standards to ensure member firms are positioned as new breed law firms.

Member firms are assessed prior to any formal offer of membership to determine their eligibility, and members are required to conduct their practices in a legal and ethically correct manner in accordance with the requirements of the relevant law societies.

Firms who join the Phatshoane Henney Group seek the benefit of a strategic partner that provides important economies of scale, increases the firm’s national presence and brand, provides strategic input and support and allows the firm form part of a larger network of like-minded firms.
Member firms remain independent law firms that practice separately but in association with each other under the group brand. To gain membership, firms enter into an association agreement with Phatshoane Henney Attorneys, the founding member of the group. Member firms retain their own corporate identity but indicate their membership of the Phatshoane Henney Group.
Members are afforded the exclusivity to be the only member firm within a defined geographic territory. This exclusivity does not prohibit or limit members from generating work or providing its services outside the area of exclusivity, but limits the admissibility of further members within any exclusive territory without member firm consent.
Although firms remain independent, a strong culture and way of doings is fomented among member firms, driven by the group’s values, best practices, resources and standards, which has as its aim to make each member firm the leading firm in its region with a strong, forward-thinking culture – a new breed of law firm.
Membership provides access to the largest legal network of like-minded law firms spread across nearly 70 offices in all nine Provinces of South Africa. Members benefit from the shared service directory, knowledge base, economies of scale, negotiating power, national footprint and opportunities and initiatives developed by the group for members to benefit from.
The group brand is continuously developed and expanded to increase brand positioning and awareness and establish a standard expectation in relation to the group brand. The group brand supports each firm, elevating the firm’s brand and providing greater brand recognition to each member firm.
Member firms gain access to a range of group shared resources, guidance documentation, best practices, support tools and knowledge necessary for the effective, compliant and innovative operation and development of firm practices.
The group transformation agenda empowers member firms through support, mentorship, advice and best practices to adhere to set group BEE standards and actively advance transformation at their firms, contributing to the group setting the standard for transformation in the legal fraternity. Non-executive regional directors appointed at group member firms assist firms with vital mentorship, role model development and practical guidance to grow and retain black and female professionals at their firms.
To assist firms to increase their drawing power with law graduates seeking employment and ensure that the group is recognised as the premier gateway to 50 top law firms across South Africa, graduate recruitment campaigns are conducted annually on behalf of its member firms at the Law Faculties of major universities across South Africa. Recruitment campaigns include open days, career fairs and law day attendances; sponsorship of awards for top performing law students; sponsorships of programmes, awards, moot court competitions and faculty prizes at various Law Faculties.

The Group’s central graduate recruitment website (www.phfirms.co.za/graduates) provides students and graduates across South Africa with the ability to apply online for articles or vacation programmes on offer at any member firm through the Group’s central application portal and enables member firms to draw from the central group database.
Recognising the importance of procurement and the need to develop black-owned suppliers as well as leverage benefit from the economies of scale inherent to the group’s size, the Group has established GroupServe (Pty) Ltd, a central procuring company, to enhance the procurement value of member firms and leverage the sourcing and development of black-owned suppliers for member firms to procure from.
The Phatshoane Henney Foundation is non-profit charitable trust garnering funds from socio-economic contributions made by member firms and their clients. A key programme of the Phatshoane Henney Foundation is the annual award of bursaries from collected funds to black candidate attorneys selected to article at group firms to assist firms with drawing and retaining quality candidates at their firms.
Member firms are supported by a state of the art legal research centre staffed by full-time legal professionals, who provide important research support to the legal professionals at group firms. Member firms are also supported with important client newsletter content, legal updates and horizon scanning to ensure that professionals and firm clients are up to date with the latest legal developments.
Member firms receive comprehensive strategic marketing to complement existing marketing infrastructure or help firms establish the necessary infrastructure, planning, digital tools, websites, social media presence, and internal and external marketing campaigns. With the support of strategic marketing consultants, member firms have access to leading marketing tools, infrastructure, support and initiatives.
Firms draw substantial benefit from a growing range of strategic partnerships with financial institutions, corporate clients, specialist service providers and more. New partnerships are continuously explored to leverage benefit to member firms through the group’s size and national footprint.
Groups firms are assisted to comply with their annual skills development and employment equity obligations. Member firms also have access to a broad range of online training resources for use by firms including soft skills, compliance, computer skills and more.
The membership cost structure is uncomplicated with a fixed monthly association membership fee covering the entire membership costs and providing simplicity and ease of administration in respect of membership costs. There are no hidden costs. Ad hoc discretionary cost items may arise from time to time as new offerings or initiatives are introduced to member firms, with consideration remaining entirely at the discretion of each member firm.
To find out more about becoming a member of the Phatshoane Henney Group or to arrange for a detailed presentation on the benefits of group membership for your firm, please contact:

Soekie Smith
Group Manager
T: +27 051-400 4173
E: soekie@phinc.co.za