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                                                                                        Many firms took a financial beating these last two years, which has understandably
                                                                                        influenced  appointments  and  promotions  as  firms  have  had  to  prioritise  the
                                                                                        immediate  need  of  keeping  their  doors open  over  strategic needs  such  as
                                                                                        new  hires  and  promotions.  As  expected,  the  pandemic  has  impacted  firm
                                                                                        transformation goals as firms were forced to reprioritise planned BEE expenditure,
                                                                                        particularly in the latter part of the pandemic when cash reserves have all but
                                                                                        been depleted. Add to this university lockdowns and delayed graduations, the
                                                                                        negative effect on the appointment of new candidate legal practitioners at
                                                                                        law firms has been tremendous, peaking in 2021 and extending even into 2022.

                                                                                        Despite these challenges to the legal industry, the contributions of our member
                                                                                        firms  to  transformation  over  the  preceding  two  years,  have  on  the  whole
                                                                                        managed to eschew the trend with member firms demonstrating an impressive
                                                                                        commitment to transformation despite their own pandemic challenges.

                                                                                           I believe the Group’s long-held commitment to transformation
                                                                                           has ensured that transformation is seen not only as an economic
                                                                                           commitment susceptible to a firm’s financial position, but is
                                                                                           embraced as a social imperative able to weather the onslaught
                                                                                           of events like the pandemic.

                                                                                        It is this imperative that enabled member firms to not just throw in the towel, but
                                                                                        adapt and find new and possibly even more effective ways to continue the
                                                                                        forward momentum of transformation in the Group.

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