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New Breed Law Firms

             Built  around  core  Group  values,  standards  and  19
             The Group focus on building New
             Breed  Law Firms  has evolved  from
             uniquely identifying member firms
             and driving a philosophy of change
             throughout the Group.

             Group best practices, the focus is on guiding firms                                            Obtained above 90% compliance with the Group
             to achieve the status of New Breed Law Firm .                                                  Standards and were awarded recognition through
                                                                                                            the use of the Platinum Achiever logo.
             As a result member firms have powered through
             the upheavals of the past two years, while many
             competitors have floundered.     TM                   2021

             achievement  to  staff  and  clients  through  the  12
             To become a New Breed Law Firm  requires
             a  continuous  and  measured  adherence  and
             commitment to standards and best practices
             and  member  firms  annually  undergo  Group
             review and certification of their compliance.

             To reward firms that excel in their annual Group
             review,  firms  are  recognised  through  Group
             Achiever Awards. Such firms can showcase their

             Group Achiever Logo for the relevant year of                                                   Obtained above 80% compliance with the Group
             certification.                                                                                 Standards and were awarded recognition through
                                                                                                            the use of the Gold Achiever logo.

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