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        With universities in lockdown, the Group embraced digital technology and        Considering the impact of the pandemic years, I am more confident than ever
        in  2021  hosted  the  first  ever  virtual  Phatshoane  Henney  Group  Open  Week,   that the Group continues to set the standard for transformation in the legal sector
        attended by  more than  1500 law students from all  universities across South   for small and medium law firms. Without the benefit of a guiding Legal Sector
        Africa. The virtual Group Open Week gave attendees exposure to 30 sessions      BEE Charter, our Group BEE standards and member firm commitment support
        and discussions led by member firms and representatives, allowing attendees     my view that a shared and supported vision can make a substantial difference
        the opportunity to learn, engage and interact with member firms in all reaches   when it comes to real transformation.
        of the country. This simple yet effective initiative, coupled with our centralised
        graduate recruitment platform has ensured that the Group continued to attract
        interest and applications from graduates applying to member firms nationally,
        despite the impact of the pandemic.

        With many young professionals restricted to remote work during the pandemic
        and  thereby  limiting  opportunities  for  client  and  learning  engagement,  the
        danger existed that an entire generation of young professionals could be
        impacted  in  their  career  development.  Recognising  this  danger,  the  Group
        established a programme of professional development webinars hosted by
        senior practitioners in the Phatshoane Henney Group to focus on technical
        training across all disciplines of the law for young Group professionals. The
        programme has been tremendously impactful, even attracting attendance by
        senior Group professionals, and has become a much-anticipated weekly fixture
        in the Group calendar.

        Member firms have also been working hard over the last few years to implement
        our Group standards and best practices at their firms. I truly believe this has also
        helped firms be better prepared and able to weather the storms of the last two
        years than many of their competitors. My view is supported by the continuing      Douglas Henney
        growth in expenditure by Group firms on transformation initiatives, as this report   Chair, Phatshoane Henney Group
        will show, and underscores the importance of our Group focus on building New      28 February 2022
        Breed Law Firms.

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