PH Group's decade of support for emerging legal talent

17 May 2024 139
This year the PH Group is celebrating 10 years of awarding bursaries to deserving BEE candidate legal practitioners in the Group during their first year of articles.

For 2024, no less than 13 bursaries to the amount of R20,000 each, were awarded to candidates from 10 member firms, providing them with the extra support they need to get on their feet and start their legal careers.

Any PH Group member firm appointing a BEE candidate legal practitioner, can apply for a bursary on their behalf, and to accommodate firms’ different appointment cycles, applications are opened 3 times a year, offering all firms an opportunity to apply. 

Through the PH Candidate Legal Practitioner Programme, the PH Group reaffirms its commitment to caring and aims to enhance and strengthen diversity, two core values of the group.

Below you can read just how much these bursaries have meant to the candidates. 

2024 Bursary Recipients

Completing final year and entering the world of work, in particular the legal field, can be a very daunting and intimidating journey. It was indeed one for me. What has made it easier for me is the fact that I was given an opportunity by De Jager & Lordan Inc. to do my articles in my hometown. This means that I am still able to be around family and friends, and other familiar faces. Entering the world of work, however, comes with more responsibilities, including financial responsibilities. The bursary awarded to me by the PH Group has been an invaluable support in my journey. From being able to support my family at home, to buying a few essentials to look the part at work and court, and being able to save up for anything I might need in the coming month as I prepare to write board exams, words cannot begin to describe how grateful I am. I am deeply grateful for not only having received the bursary, but also for the Group’s belief in my potential and their investment in my success. Without the bursary, the road would definitely have been a bit more difficult than it is now. Thank you very much.

Chevandrè Doyle , Candidate Legal Practitioner
De Jager & Lordan Inc.

Receiving this bursary has been so instrumental in my journey to admission and in practice. I was able to pay for my PLT’s and buy my attorney’s robe. It alleviated some of my financial burdens and will allow me to fully focus on my PLT course as well as my articles. I believe it is not just financial help, but an investment towards my future, allowing me to pursue my educational goals with confidence and dedication. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.

Asanda Ngubane, Candidate Legal Practitioner
Kloppers Inc.

I am delighted to hear that my bursary application was successful. It will make a big difference to my life and it has been the highlight of my day. It will definitely contribute to my career as a candidate legal practitioner at Miller Bosman Le Roux Attorneys.

Ethan du Toit, Candidate Legal Practitioner
Miller Bosman Le Roux Attorneys

Often times, one hears that being a Candidate Attorney is a tough journey, but you really get to appreciate the challenges of this beautiful journey once you have entered the profession. Among the myriad of challenges I faced and continue to confront, financial struggles loomed as one of the most formidable. This bursary arrived precisely when I needed it the most, enabling me to successfully register for my compulsory PVT course. It not only facilitated my successful registration for the compulsory PVT course but also extended its support to cover essential needs such as food, accommodation, and transportation. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to PH Group for this amazing opportunity. Thanks a million for your generous support. Thank you for lending a helping hand. Your efforts have blessed my Candidate Attorney journey with a renewed sense of ease and focus. I am eternally grateful.

Junior Uqueio, Candidate Legal Practitioner
Neumann van Rooyen Attorneys

It was a great honor to learn that I was selected as one of the beneficiaries of the PH Candidate Attorney bursary. I’d like to extend my gratitude for this generous contribution, which had a positive impact to both myself and my family. This bursary has made it easy for me to kick start my journey of becoming a qualified attorney.

Clement Mabasa, Candidate Legal Practitioner
Tonkin Clacey Inc