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03 May 2021  | Magdel Louw
DBM Attorneys is based in Newcastle and a is regarded as a firm of excellence by their clients. As the largest law firm in central Northern KwaZulu-Natal, they provide clients with efficient and effective legal solutions based on integrity and professionalism.  

Founded on the principles of ‘only the best is good enough’, they continually strive to enhance their value offering and understanding of what clients need, and use their broad service directory and sector specialisation to deliver results.

For many years the firm has regularly been hosting seminars for the property industry which has given the industry and estate agents an opportunity to engage with industry partners and share their wealth of information.  In these seminars they cover all property law related matters in which they assist estate agents with their problem areas as well as inform estates agents on new developments and areas of interest in the property market.

With their extensive experience, they are also able to deliver services in a way that complements the immediate needs of clients and empowers them going forward. Some of their clients include private individuals, corporations, banks, institutional and governmental entities across multiple industry sectors, to whom they provide a broad range of legal, support and business advisory services.

All these achievements are thanks to an excellent team. Their team of professionals - who are from different backgrounds, and boast unique personalities and views on life - have been uniquely assembled to address the needs of their clients. This allows them to step into the shoes of each client to align their services and future planning to their particular needs.  The team consists of five Directors, three Consultants, two Professional Assistants and five Candidate Attorneys.

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