Apply for 2024 Articles at our esteemed New Breed Law Firms

11 October 2023 1639
Aspiring final-year law students wishing to pursue a successful legal career at a New Breed Law Firm™, can now conveniently apply for articles via our centralised online application platform .

Only member firms of the PH Group can be a New Breed of Law Firm ™ - a leading law firm in its respective region that is a well-managed, compliant, ethical and diversified South African law firm, and subscribes to the PH Group values  of caring, innovation, expertise, standards and transformation.

By articling at a member firm, you become part of the largest legal network with offices, services and clients unmatched by any other law firm or group in South Africa. Our network is made up of over 40 top small and medium-sized law firms across the nation, offering a wide range of legal expertise , including commercial law, labour law, property law, and litigation. 

To become part of a New Breed Law Firm™, all you need to do is to research the firm(s) you wish to apply to on our Group website, then simply follow the easy registration process to apply for articles as set out on our Career Portal . 

Group firms are committed to providing candidate legal practitioners with ongoing training, guidance and support, and access to a vast library of resources, thus preparing you for a successful career in law.