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01 June 2021  | Magdel Louw
The firm has an entrenched commitment to service excellence and quality care, and they offer a focused range of legal services which is specifically tailored for each client.  Since its establishment the firm has grown and built an extensive client base, providing services to various private and corporate clients including banks and companies in the IT, security, oil and pharmaceutical sectors.  

Venter & Associates Inc aims to add value to their clients’ businesses by providing comprehensive legal support from corporate structuring, BEE and business advisory to dispute resolution. The firm assists its supplier, manufacturer and retail clients in regulating their credit facilities with their respective customers throughout the business relationship and credit facility process – from the drafting of commercial agreements and performing credit checks on potential customers to debt recovery and settlement, as well as rehabilitation or liquidation. Venter & Associates has garnered great success in the resolution of commercial disputes by way of arbitration.

While the firm’s expertise is predominantly in commercial law and corporate litigation, it offers services in general civil litigation, inter alia, family law, interdicts, property law and labour law. With these services it is evident that Venter & Associates prides itself in offering a wide range of services to its ever-growing client base.

Behind every thriving law firm is a team of individuals who puts in time and effort to make that firm successful. The Venter & Associates team currently consists of one director, four associate attorneys, and two support staff. The team is bound to grow even more.

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