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23 March 2021  | Magdel Louw
stablished in Sasolburg in 1956, De Beer & Claassen is one of the Vaal Triangle’s oldest law firms. This year, they celebrate their 65th anniversary. De Beer & Claassen prides itself on being forward-thinking and innovative in their approach to law. 

Their success over the past 65 years has been built on their willingness to explore new and unconventional approaches to the practice of law, and their clients have come to expect a different approach and unique solutions when they work with them.

Due to the ever-changing environment and an increased trend towards online services, largely brought to light by the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions in 2020, they have once again decided to renew their approach to law. This year, they have decided to adapt to the new normal and have rejuvenated their offices, upgraded their ability to work remotely, and installed interactive whiteboards to enable high-quality online meeting facilities for their clients and staff. With the updated infrastructure changes at their offices, they decided to update the way in which they provide legal services to their clients as well. 

Their team is currently working on an Online Divorce Platform which will offer their clients an alternative to the conventional divorce process. Their aim with the new Online Divorce Platform is to provide clients with complete control over the uncontested divorce process and provide them the option to use their team of attorneys as much, or as little, as they require to get their divorce finalised. 

In our day and age, there is no need for the separation of spouses to become a drawn-out legal process. An online divorce allows their clients the opportunity and choice to finalise their divorce as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, minimising required contact between the client and attorney and giving the client all the control and choice during the divorce process.
Below are images of some of their upgrades and images of their team members during the production of the new Online Divorce Platform’s step-by-step guide videos that will provide their clients with all the information they need to navigate the online divorce platform with ease.

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